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Arbeitskreis Risikomanagement

Objectives of the Working Group on Risk Management related to ICT for the environment

This working group was created upon a decision of the TC4.6 Fachausschuss the 23 March 2007 in Berlin. The objectives are to share experiences with ICT on the following topics related to risk management:

  • technical, chemical risks at regional and transboundary cartographic issues
  • risk modelling issues for factories, railways, highways, pipelines, maritime traffic
  • disaster management and emergency response
  • data processing related to risk management issues
  • health and biological risks issues for humans and the environment
  • aircraft crash risks on infrastructure


These fields are both related to the follow-up of legislation and management for local and regional authorities as well as for factories owners of SME's and of transnational companies.
Researchers and technicians from public and private sector are invited to communicate experiences and discuss the necessary strategies for methodological, technical and managerial improvements.


A first workshop will be organized in collaboration with the CODATA Conference:
The Symposium Risk Models and Applications in Kiev, Ukraine, on October 5, 2008 with the help of WG Co-Chair Horst Kremers (Berlin).

Another meeting of the WG is planned within the scope of ENVIROINFO 2008 (Lüneburg) and probably, an active participation of tthis WG in a meeting of the WG on Cartography in Crisis Management and Early Response of ICA (International Association of Cartography) planned in Prague, November 2008.


Interested people please contac me at alberto [dot] susiniatetat [dot] ge [dot] ch. Here you will find my normal contact adress:

Alberto Susini
Geneva Labour inspectorate (OCIRT)
Rue des Noirettes 35, Case Postale 1255
CH - 1211 Genève 26 La Praille Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 388 29 66
Fax. +41 22 388 29 89